Civil Engineer

I applied for an engineering job through GPC. The following day I received a call from Caroline assuring me that she will be able to find me a job with 1 week’s time. I did not think that she would be able to find a job in that time period, given the fact that I am applying from overseas. But I put my trust in her and 5 days later I had my first interview. This was also the only interview and the exact company that I am currently working for in Dublin. Caroline was so well organized with a list of top engineering companies in the Dublin area and advised me on which companies are the ones to look out for.

Never once did Caroline loose faith in my abilities, which is a very important aspect to build trust in a person that you know from nowhere. Caroline liaised with the company that I will be working at, to arrange my working permit – she also managed to keep me in the loop throughout this whole process (which can take time). It is now a week that I am in Dublin and Caroline has checked in with me via phone calls 3 times, just to make sure that I am happy at the company I work for, and that my accommodation is sorted out. My overall experience was absolutely great.

I will not hesitate to refer anyone looking for a job into GPC’s direction, more specific, refer them to Caroline. I thank you very much for the overall pleasant experience.

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