We request that you complete this form to ensure that GPC complies with its legal obligations, in respect of us acting on your behalf as an employment agency.

Once you have provided us with evidence of your eligibility to work in the Republic of Ireland, your identity, qualifications, career history and references, we can commence your new job search. Legally we are required to confirm your identity and to ensure that you are eligible to work in the Republic of Ireland.

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Please note that depending on the nature of the roles you apply for you may be required to answer questions concerning convictions and that an offer of employment or temporary engagement may be contingent on full and accurate disclosure of any such conviction(s).

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence in Ireland or outside Ireland?


I declare that the details given in this Candidate Application Form, in my own Curriculum Vitae (“CV”), written references and other information from interviews or telephone conversations provided by me to Global Professional Consultants (GPC) are true and give an accurate and complete view of the details necessary to determine my suitability for employment or a temporary engagement.

I acknowledge that GPC will be acting on my behalf as an employment agency as defined in the Employment Agency Act 1971.

I acknowledge and agree that personal data will be collected from me when I apply and my personal data will be used to manage my registration and subsequent applications.

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I acknowledge, in the event I provide details of a referee, that it is my responsibility to ensure that the person is aware that I have forwarded his/her details to GPC and has consented for me to do so.

I authorise GPC to disclose information including my CV, this registration form and references in respect of an application or a speculative submission of my CV for a position to persons, companies or organisations who may be seeking to engage my services through GPC or to employ me.

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