There is a real shortage of skilled Architects and Architectural Technologists throughout the industry in Ireland at present. This shortage is not just confined to the Dublin region but is spread throughout the country.

Global Professional Consultants (GPC) have noted the slowdown in young, skilled Architects and Architectural Technologists returning to the Irish workplace since the surge in returning Architects and Architectural Technologists post Brexit, from the U.K. There may by a number of reasons for this current, if temporary, slowdown in the uptake of new positions being advertised for Architects and Architectural Technologists.


Many young skilled Architects and Architectural Technologists, emigrated to Australia, Canada, the U.K. and beyond after the collapse of the construction industry in 2008. Many of these professionals were young, sometimes single, or if married, without a young family. The attraction of the new world, of opportunities and the lure of travel for new experiences seemed like a good alternative to unemployment in Ireland with no prospects for the future. Easy contact with friends and family in Ireland, whether by Skype or Face Time, together with what appeared to be attractive lifestyle options has posed the question as to why they should consider returning home at all.


The Ireland of today is a totally different environment from that which gave rise to the mass emigration of young, skilled Architects and Architectural Technologists ten years ago. The economy is experiencing the fastest growth rate in Europe; the construction industry is set to expand by as much as 9% annually just to keep pace with the current demand for offices, housing, hotels and infrastructure.  One of the side effects of the depressed economy over the past decade is that no building has taken place to match even the replacement demand for housing and commercial buildings.

Ireland Today

As we start the new year, the opportunities for Architects and Architectural Technologists are increasing daily. There has seldom been so much being done by Government Agencies and Commercial Institutions to provide the stimulus for young professionals to return to Ireland. From Government program initiatives, such as subsidising first time home buyers, to reduced personal taxation; from resettlement initiatives to healthcare and schooling programs, there has seldom been a better time to return to Ireland and to settle down to a secure career.  Salaries may not match financial packages being offered overseas, but the advantages of being closer to family and friends, take home pay, lifestyle, health and education facilities, may entice Architectural professionals to return.

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