It was great news to read the Construction Industry Federation statement that in order to service the latest programme for capital expenditure of €17.8 billion next year, and continuing until 2020, 112,000 additional workers of all skill levels will be required. The CIF has launched a website, to attract members of the diaspora wo have emigrated since the collapse of the Celtic Tiger, to return to Ireland and service the rapid rising demand for skills to meet the Government targets for housebuilding, infrastructure, and the demands of foreign direct investment in manufacturing and commercial development.

Sectoral growth is expected to increase by 9% annually over the next four years and beyond. DKM Consultants predict that 112,000 jobs will be created just to meet the Government targets, with as many as (15,000) electricians, (14,000) plasterers and tillers, (11,000) plumbers, and (8,000) bricklayers and (9,000) managers over the next four years.

At present, the projections for 2017 indicate that there are €17.8 billion worth of projects either in the pipeline or under construction. It is expected, according to Tom Parlon, CIF Director General, that further increases in output, particularly in the housebuilding sector, will come on stream due to the Government’s expansion of their capital expenditure programme over the next twelve months.

To put this into perspective, the total level of employment in the construction industry in 2016 is (137,000), with a projected value of €15.0 billion. At peak level in 2007, the total employment in the construction sector was (274,000). The projected employment level in 2020 is (213,000), based on a projected budget of €20.0 billion, or just over 10% of GNP, compared to 6.9% this year. In the housing sector, the forecast output for 2016 is (14,000) dwelling units, rising to (32,500) units in 2020, an increase in 230% annually.

The Government has launched a new initiative and is partnering with a number of organizations such as DKM consultants and the CIF Pension Administration Services to inform Irish emigrants of the opportunities in Ireland.

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