Why People are Resigning

Multiple studies have been released this year in both the UK and Ireland that are highlighting the sheer number of employees that are thinking about resigning from their jobs.

Many are referring to this projection as ‘The Great Resignation’.

Whilst we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the job market re-adjusts, many are questioning whether they feel happy and secure in their jobs. Here at Global Professional Consultants we have extensive experience providing recruitment services and have explored exactly why people are resigning. Here’s why so many people are thinking of quitting their jobs over the next year. 

They do not want to return to the office

A large number of people were asked to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the UK and Ireland restrictions. During this period, many people had much more time for themselves with more freedom to enjoy a greater work-life balance.

Travel expenses were cut and employees were able to work in the comfort of their own homes while being paid. As employers begin to ask teams to return to the office, the daunting reality of early mornings, travel expenses and a decreased work-life balance has been influencing many to re-think their job and career.  

In the Workhuman Fall 2021 International Survey, it was found that just under half of office workers would like to work partly in the office and partly at home. 32% of survey participants revealed that they want to work from home full time permanently. However, many employers are reluctant to continue to allow home working, and may not be happy to offer as much flexibility to their team. This means that many are looking for a job that allows them to work from home, whether it be part-time or full time.  

They are burnt out 

Because the pandemic forced many firms to make employees redundant or team members work shorter hours, there have been people across Ireland that feel burnt out. This is because fewer people and resources in a firm mean that the people left are having to work harder and longer hours.

Over the last 12 months, some sectors have had to request longer hours and contracts from their staff members, meaning that employees in some companies have even less time for themselves and their families. Studies have also found that 1 in 5 employees feel that their employer does not care about them. Exhaustion will lead to a decrease in wellbeing, and in turn, lead to the resignation of employees. It is important to take sufficient time out and have a balanced work-life schedule.

They want better pay

As companies become more competitive with their pay, it is vital for employees to feel they are getting paid enough for the role they are providing. Whether an employee is working in Accountancy, Construction, Architecture, or any other sector … they will look around to find out what their rate of pay should be. Many are now resigning from their jobs because they have the confidence to apply to other roles with better pay and more flexibility. 

This is especially true for those that feel burnt out or overworked after the COVID-19 pandemic; employees are looking for opportunities with better pay for their work.  

They want to progress in their career

Career progression had to be put on hold for many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of employees have therefore become bored or find that their role no longer excites them. Employees across Ireland want to progress in their careers by finding a role that not only pays them more but helps them to expand their skillset and offers better opportunities. As things return to normal employees are leaving jobs that do not offer them career progression or better pay.

They’ve realised they have no enjoyment in their job

As things begin to get back to normal and employees are left returning to the office, there is much more realization about the reality of the 9-5. Whether they are overworked, underpaid or just generally bored, people are beginning to think about looking for a new job that will help them to feel excited again.

People also feel more disconnected from their workplace and colleagues since working from home began, which means they are finding it even harder to return to the same workplace.

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