GPC did much more than find me a new position, they played a bit part in restoring my wellbeing. When I approached Caroline is September 2017 my confidence had taken a battering and I wasn’t convinced I even wanted to continue in engineering consultancy – despite having given 27 years of my life to the profession. Caroline afforded me significant one to one time. She challenged me to review my career, my strengths and weaknesses, my achievements, my likes and dislikes. In so doing she rebuilt my confidence, restored my passion for my profession. With Caroline’s support I was able to determine what I wanted from a new role and look to the future with positivity.

Caroline used her in depth knowledge of engineering consultancies, the senior personnel in those companies and the experiences of staff she had placed with those companies to find opportunities that would be the right fit for me. Those opportunities weren’t ones that existed but ones she created.

As an employer I dealt with numerous recruitment agencies so I believe I have the experience to say that what GPC offer is truly unique.

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