LinkedIn is a fantastic place for you to build your professional networks and knowledge. With over 600+ million active users, the platform allows you to quickly build and foster relationships, strengthen your personal brand, stay on top of industry trends, and can even help with career opportunities. 

Most people have a LinkedIn profile, but they don’t use it properly and fail to interact with their connections in a meaningful way. In this article, we will look at some tips on how you can build your professional network. 

Why is building a professional network on LinkedIn so important?

Having a professional network on LinkedIn is important, especially if you’ve recently graduated from university and are beginning your career. Professional connections can help you find your first opportunity, connect with like-minded individuals, find out about relevant topics and events, and help you learn about the company or industry you’re wishing to join. 

LinkedIn isn’t just about who you’re connected to, but also who they’re connected to too. Having a good professional network will allow you to make new connections with industry professionals, which may even lead to a job offer in the future so it’s important you take the time to carefully connect and foster important relationships with others. 

A professional network of over 500 connections is desirable as it gives you credibility and makes you more visible to hiring managers and other professionals in your industry. If reaching 500 connections seems daunting, don’t worry. We have a few strategies below to get you started. 

Building your network through existing connections

The easiest way to build connections on LinkedIn is through connections you already have – whether that be co-workers, friends, family, or even people you attended school with, they will likely already know your skills and interests so can pave the way to introduce you to new people. 

Building your network through your University/College Alumni

Becoming a member of your University’s Alumni group on LinkedIn will open a whole host of new connections for you. Once you’re a member, look at the group’s discussions, members and jobs for networking and connection opportunities. Joining a discussion of other alums talking about your industry, commenting on an article someone has posted or simply introducing yourself to others is a great way to get yourself out there and foster new and important professional relationships.  

Build your network through Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn groups are a fantastic way to meet like-minded professionals and to grow your professional network. With over 2 million groups on the platform targeting a variety of industries, locations, and professions, it’s never been easier to find a group that caters to your needs. If you’re new to LinkedIn, getting involved in relevant groups will instantly open your network, allowing you to find people you really want to connect with. There are many LinkedIn groups dedicated to each sector in Ireland. For example simple type ” engineering Ireland ” in your search box and select “Groups”. Here you will see a list of groups that you can join and make valuable connections in.

Make sure your profile is visible

Ensuring you’re visible on LinkedIn is another great way to make professional connections. Joining groups and your Alumni network is a great way of becoming more visible, but another way to do it is by creating or becoming involved in industry-relevant topics and discussions as this will help drive people to your LinkedIn profile. 

When people on LinkedIn see an interesting discussion, they are more likely to look at that person’s profile, as a result, to see who they are and what they do. As your profile contains information about you and your industry, it’s likely they’ll also do some additional digging and, as a result, someone new knows about you and appreciates your expertise. 

Utilising LinkedIn’s status update is another great way to make yourself visible to potential connections. Here you can promote yourself to your connections and it’s a great way to make your interests or intentions clear. The more connections you have in your network, the more visible you will become. 

Write and share articles 

While most people on LinkedIn will share articles from other sources, consider writing and sharing articles that you have written as it’s one of the best ways to show your connections what you’re about and the knowledge you have within your industry. This content may be shared by your connections and help to drive new professional connections to your page. 

build your network on LinkedIN

Promote your LinkedIn on other social platforms

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram give you the space for a short biography. Use these spaces to drive new connections to your LinkedIn, especially if you have a significant following on either platform. 

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